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What you'll get

Pages included in this Template​

  • Home page

  • Blog post page

  • About us page

  • Contact us page

  • Dashboard page

    1. Dashboard overview page

    2. Manage post page

    3. Edit Admin info page

  • Dynamic blog post page

For only $25 you get the following features;

  1. Dynamic slideshow (Up to 3 of your recent posts will be displayed for your site visitors)

  2. Post category filter with clear

  3. Sort post by date

  4. Feature or Popular post category

  5. Dedicated Admin Dashboard

  6. Manage posts from backend dashboard

  7. Easy WIX native account management

  8. Bookmark posts for later

  9. Manage bookmarked posts from account

  10. Add posts directly from admin dashboard

  11. View how many posts has been published by the admin

  12. Dynamic YouTube video on each post (YouTube media player hides when no URL is found)

  13. Dynamic gallery on dynamic pages

  14. Control dynamic gallery with buttons (Play, pause, next slide, previous slide)

  15. Share posts on social media

  16. and many more.